Monday, 17 January 2011

And so it begins...

Welcome to 'Not 2 Grand', a blog which aims to educate, surprise and inspire. You might think that £2k will only buy you a Focus or an Astra, but you'd be wrong. There's all manner of machinery out there that no one would ever believe to be associated with a sub £2k price-tag.

The general consensus is that to look good on the roads you have to spend twelvty-million pounds and sign yourself up to finance for the next 63 years at 500% APR. This is not the case. Finance on a car is silly, especially when there is a world of amazing and swish machinery out there that can be obtained for 'two bags of sand' as a cockney chap might say. Plus, if you buy your motor outright you'll have loads of money in the bank at the end of every month to spend on beer, tools and novelty hats. It's a winning combination.

The plan is simple: we'll find a load of cool cars for under £2k and tell you all about them on here. They won't be one off bargains though, we're only going to include cars that there are plenty of for you to buy.

Brand new cars are expensive, they lose roughly 98% of their value as soon as the smug salesman hands you the keys, you're saddled with them for three years, the stress will make your hair fall out, and if it's a new Mini no one will like you because you'll look like an estate agent, and nobody likes estate agents.

No one has any money these days, but that doesn't mean we have to roll in a K-plate Fiat Panda...