Friday, 21 January 2011

Captain America Special!

This fella is Captain America, a crime-fighting dude from the 40's who's going to be in a new film soon. It looks pretty good actually, have a look HERE to read some more about it.

Anyway, we're not bothered about films or crotch-emphasising spandex here at Not £2 Grand. No, we're all about the cars that are under £2000 pounds, and that's where Captain 'look at my knob' America can help us! Now that he's done saving the world, the cameras have been turned off and the spandex has been (hopefully) washed and put away, the production company are faced with the mammoth task of selling the props.

If you want a Trilby or some spats worn by co-star Tommy Lee Jones go elsewhere; if you want a car driven by him or main-man Chris Evans though, (the handsome American one, not the Billie Piper bonking Ferrari fanatic of a ginger hue) then this is the place for you. The most amazing thing however, is that some of the film cars can (potentially) be had for under £2k.

Of course they won't go for under £2k, they'll go for more because they're well famous and whatnot. Still, some of the estimates on the auction site say under £2k so we're going with that. They're being auctioned off on the 3rd of March by Historics of Brooklands. You can find the full listing and more information here. If you can get there we suggest you do so, it should be an exciting day and we might even be there too!

Anyway, enough rambling, on with the cars in question...

1) 1940 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan

Everyone loves a Caddy, right? You could go all 'Bonnie and Clyde' through Swindon town centre, shouting 40's slang at teenagers as you ride the running-boards: "Hey you dumb Dora, your cat's meow is giving me the heebie-jeebies, see!" Or words to that effect.

2) 1933 Dodge Tow Truck

We'd buy this and use it to tailgate people we didn't like. We don't advocate tailgating, it's dangerous after all. That said, this sucker would scare the poo out of even the most hard-boiled (that's 40's slang again, Google it) of people. Wow, we didn't know we had a mean streak like that. Probably best if we don't buy it.

3) 1941 Buick Eight Special Sedanette

For us this is simply the sexiest thing in the auction which falls under our budget. We want to cover it in baby oil and spend the day slithering all over it while we listen to Enya and Katie Melua by candle-light...urm, sorry, we kind went off on a disturbing tangent there.

4) 1939 Dodge Sedan

Cheaper than cheap and meaner than mean! This one is a bit battered and looks pretty damn ropey on the whole, but it's cheap so we don't care. Drop in a V8 and smoke around in it, that's all you need to do. If anyone doesn't like it simply sneer at them and shout "My granddad was Al Capone, dontcha know, ya wise guy!" as you drive out of B&Q's car park.

5) 1941 Plymouth Deluxe 83

How cool is this sucker? Big, black and with a great smile too, it's the automotive equivalent of James Bond's Jaws in a tuxedo! It'd be ace if it could bite through things like he could, like other cars, and houses, and trees and elephants and space space stations and...what were we waffling on about? Urm, you look nice toady.

So there's a selection to get your juices flowing. Of course this is all speculative as they're probably all just nice paint jobs over rotten cars. None of them are UK registered and we're willing to bet most of them don't run. We're not going to let that ruin our fun though, that's not the Not £2 Grand way! We are going to go to the bank though! We'll see you there on the 3rd of March!