Wednesday, 22 June 2011

AutoTweetUP, a thank you!

So, the other week the delightful Clare Carney, PR lady and beer-giver from sent us an e-mail asking us to come to 'that' London, rock up to the swanky Hospital Club, drink free beer and eat free food all while chatting with other online bloggers. We said yes, obviously. We caught up with MajorGav, Carliterature, CamermanPhil, TheTimHutton and many more. Putting names to faces and all that, kind of. We have no idea what their real names are, we only know their spurious Twitter names. Maybe they don't have real names? Maybe those are their real names, who knows? Anyway, we digress...

It was the first #AutoTweetUP event, er, ever. The goal of the Autotrader folk was to gather up a load of their favourite bloggers and car people and give them a night out, while obviously getting some of their promotional clobber across. There's always a bloody catch!

OH. MY. GOD. Tiny burgers! It's like we're nom nom...

Oh yeah, right, promotional stuff.

Basically there's a new TV ad for their 'new car' section, but that's of little consequence to us - we've only got £2000 to spend. What is good however, is their new iPad app. No, stay with us, we've not sold out, it really is good. Loads of cars, zoomy pictures, easy to search, it just 'works' and that's nice. It's a joy to have a simple interface rather than something overly complicated - something we've noticed on a lot of sites while we've been scouring the net for sub £2000 bargains.

This picture was taken on an iPhone. Can you tell? No? Thought not, ahem

Anyway, that's enough of all this promotional nonsense. That's not normally what we do. That said, we had to post something. They did give us free beer and tiny burgers (we have had about 18 mini burgers though, sorry).

So, in conclusion, if you've got an iPad you should get the Autotrader app. If you have a TV you'll probably see the new ad soon, and if you've always been curious about small food but not brave enough to try it, do! It's tiny and tasty!

Search Twitter for #AutoTweetUP for more info. See you there next year?