Monday, 10 October 2011

The Toyota Supra... you live your life 10 seconds at a time? And for those ten seconds or less, are you free? Does nothing else matter then? Not your store, your mortgage or your team an all their bullshit? Well, you need a Supra, because for £2000 you'd have to work hard to find something cooler. Plus, you can pretend you're in The Fast and the Furious, too, and that's cool, right?


He was in my face! I'm in your face!

So much torque, the chassis twisted coming off the line...

Okay, that's enough of the F&F gags (as in the Fast and the Furious, not Tesco's clothing range). Let's focus on the goodness that is the sub-£2k Supra. This is the kind of thing you'll get...

Oh, and Harry, I need two these, and I need'em by tunnite...

Looks a lot better without all that fibreglass bollocks and silly chrome graphics, doesn't? So it should really, it's a handsome looking machine.

This is the mk IV which was introduced in 1993. The three previous generation Supras were good, too, but with the IV Toyota went a bit more balls out in a bid to build a real sports car. It was something of a gamble, but with Mitsubishi knocking out the 3000 GTO and Nissan with their oh-so pretty twin-turbo 300ZX, hardcore really was the direction Toyota needed to move in.

Based roughly around the underpinnings of the Toyota/Lexus Soarer, the Supra was a more hunkered down, hardcore, tightened up driver's car. On its release it trounced the wallowy Mitsubishi and the delicate Nissan, not only by being better looking, but also through being a mechanical master-class as well as being amazing to drive. The front-engined, rear wheel drive set-up may not have been revolutionary but it was practical and constructed perfectly, offering real driver satisfaction. Yes please!

Edwin happens to know a few things. One of the things Edwin knows is that it's not how you stand by your car, it's how you race your car - you better learn that

Powered by a 3.0 straight-six engine, the Supra was no slouch. Even in naturally aspirated guise it churned out 220bhp which was more than enough. The twin-turbo 2JZ (we don't know what that means, but it makes Japanese car lovers go all funny in the trousers when you say it) kicked out a beastly 276bhp, and that's enough to make your head fall off. Turbo or not, the JZ engines are tough as a tough thing that got a reputation for drinking in the toughest pub in Toughsville. Rock'ard, double'ard bugger, so it is. Look after it and it'll run forever, unless a turbo lets go.

When it came to cog-swapping, there was a 5-speed manual, a 6-speed manual and a 4-speed auto. All good, though the sixer was best - sadly they're going to be a little out of the budget. Sorry about that.

No shit? A Two jay-zee...put about fifteen grand into it, and overnight parts from Japan if we have to, and this will decimate all...

So, what will your £2000 get you? Probably a mid-nineties 3.0 N/A auto with plenty of history and hopefully no silly modifications - don't get us wrong, we like a mod here at N£2G but the Supra is just fine in standard guise. Also, if you see a cheap twin-turbo, don't buy it. It'll be cheap for a reason, and that reason will be its willingness to blow up, taking half your postcode area with it. No one wants that.

We also suggest you don't do this, either...


...just sayin'.