Friday, 23 December 2011

BAH HUMBUG..., not really. This is what we mean...

Have a good one. We know we will. Bevis has already started wearing his sexy Mrs. Claus outfit (despite strong objections from the landlord of the local boozer and the lolly-pop lady who works every Tuesday), while Chris has already taken the time to attach some miseltoe to his belt buckle (you'd think he'd learn after last year's 'festive' trip to A&E). Yup, we're going to have a blinder!

We hope you all do as well!

Thanks for all the support over the last year, without the tens of thousands of you who read this blog we'd be nothing. WE LOVE YOU!

See you in 2012, you sexy buggers!

Now go, eat turkey, chat up that crush at the Xmas party and generally have a good time!