Saturday, 31 December 2011

Lamborghini Espada..., really. An ACTUAL Lamborghini for under £2000, one of these no less!

Oh my!

Introduced in '68 the Espada was Lamorghini's answer to those looking for a true four-seater sports car. 'True' in the sense that your rear seat passengers were allowed to have legs. It looked nothing like its low-slung, two seater, rear engined Miura stable-mate, not by a long shot, but that didn't stop it from being a success. Over 1200 were built and sold, which made it pretty damn successful indeed.

That there is the 300+bhp V12 that lived in the Espada - noisy

The thing is, the Espada wasn't cheap in 1968. In 2011/12 it's much the same...

Yeah, okay then, how much?

Ready? Sitting down? Holding onto something tight?


Yeah, sorry about that. £50k is a little out of our budget, unless that is, YOU OWN A WELDER! Like spending three weeks at a time in the garage? Do you have cotton wool where your common sense should be? Do you hate spending time with your partner and find yourself wishing you had a distraction? Well, you need this beauty for the humble price of £2000. Oh yes...

...erm, yes. Okay, so it's in kit form, it's very (to put it lightly) rusty and even if you were born last week you'd still fail to finish it before you shuffled off your mortal coil. Who cares though, it's a Lamborghini. A LAMBORGHINI. Buy it, touch it with your spanner every now and then (that's not a euphemism you weirdo) and then just use it as a car of this ilk should be used - as pub fodder.

Pop down to the Dog and Duck on Friday and when you hear your mate John waffling on about his new Mondeo simply saunter over, gingerly place your chin on John's shoulder (for maximum effect) and declare "Yeah, well I've got a Lambo at home, John. WOOF!"

You're thinking about that now, aren't you?

One small caveat though: you can never let anyone see it. In the case of this Espada the Lamborghini name is all you're really buying. Let Mondeo John see it and he'll laugh at you a lot, which we would never want to see happen - we like you, we don't want to see you get laughed at.

So, there you go, a Lamborghini on on Not £2 Grand. What a great way to wrap up 2011!