Monday, 19 December 2011

The Mercedes R107...

Just a wee update here, one for a car we saw on Retro Rides - a site we spend far too much time on. Damn you internet.

It's a Mercedes R107, or 350SL to you and me. Two seats, a stonking great V8 and classic Mercedes lines - this is one pretty little car. It's also bloody cheap at just £1500. The SL seldom finds itself rubbing wing mirrors with the sub £2k market regulars, so this is a bit special. Just look at it...

Pimp-tacular! Now, have a look at its bottom...

Sassy! This really is one pretty little car, but with a 3.5l V8 it's also an angry one when you want it to be. Top down Mercedes motoring for under £2000, it doesn't get much better.

Before you go off romanticising about being a permed, 80s footballer with a shoulder-pad-sporting Page 3 girl called Susan in the passenger seat (a fine mental image, we're sure you'll agree), there is a caveat: this sucker is a bit rusty. A bit. Only a little. Honest. Ahem.

Look, it's a cheap old Mercedes. Cheap old Mercedeseses rust a lot, it's just what they do. But hey, don't look glum, this old girl is more than salvageable, that's why she's here being paraded before your pretty eyes. Plus - and we're just being honest here - we're living somewhat vicariously as we're broke-as-a-joke at the moment.

Buy this beauty now, fire up the MIG over winter, tack in some new tin before spring and then roll out in summer. Still not sold on the idea? Well, Danny Dyer drove one in 'The Business' and everyone wants to be Danny Dire (see what we did there?), right?

Bollocks, we've put you off now haven't we? Well, if you're still keen, here's the link to the advert.